Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get a free 30-minute consultation or quote?

Complete and submit the Request A FREE Consultation form here OR call 0118 310 888 to arrange your free 30-minute consultation.

What solutions does Lumo Marketing offer?

Our primary fields of expertise are: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Local Search Optimisation (Local SEO), Website Design & Development, Paid Search Marketing (PPC), Lead Generation, Social Media Marketing, Web Analytics & Call Tracking, , Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), and Online Reputation Management. Visit our main services page for more details.

How do you determine the goals for a project?

We discuss and determine goals during our initial goals are initially discovery process. Once we identify what goals you want to achieve we can then develop the appropriate strategies to achieve those goals. Lumo Marketing approach on this is to look at short and long term business goals in order to get a holistic viewpoint of the task at hand.

Do I have to sign a contract to enter into a business relationship with Lumo Marketing?

Our clients sign a Terms of Sale agreement, which ensures a beneficial working relationship for both parties.

Do I have to sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to work with Lumo Marketing?

We never make clients sign NDAs, however for peace of mind we have no problem signing NDAs from the client side.

What are your payment options?

Lumo Marketing supports payments via credit card and via bank transfer.  For more specific options, please contact


My Website Looks Great But Visitors Are Not Being Converted Into Leads, Can You Help?

Yes we can help. All our new websites are built with Conversion Rate Optimisation in mind. However, we do offer Conversion Rate Optimisation Strategy & Implementation for existing websites.


How long does it take to get a first page Google Local ranking?

Website with moderate keyword competition will typically see significant results within 3-6 months.

How can blogging help my SEO?

You may have heard the expression that Content is King? . If you produce and publish more quality relevant blog content, the more Google spiders will crawl your website and index your pages. Google values great content, as they want to send searchers to websites containing high quality content that closely matches their search query.


What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

Social Media Marketing is the process of gaining website traffic or awareness through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other relevant social media platforms.


What is Pay-Per-Click (PPC)?

A sponsored online advertising system where advertisers pay ad serving companies (such as Google and Facebook) whenever a user clicks on their ad. The Facebook Advertising platform and Google AdWords are examples of PPC advertising.

Will I have access to my PPC results?

We are totally transparent  with our PPC Management and provide a monthly, biweekly or weekly reports of all of our clients’ Google AdWords interfaces, so that their results are 100% trackable.

What PPC services do you use?

We use Google AdWords, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads platforms and remarketing services  Google and Facebook Remarketing.

Will a PPC campaign affect my organic rankings?

A PPC campaign will have no affect on your organic rankings.


Can you get me customer reviews?

We can help increase your online reviews through strategically developed review funnels. Please be aware that SEO companies that buy fake reviews for their clients are asking for trouble. Agencies which practice 'black hat' techniques like this risk getting their clients slapped with a Google penalties which result in your domain being banned from search results and potentially losing all of your online presence.

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