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Effective Business Development: Why You Should Invest in Developing Your Business Online

There is no stopping the phenomenal pull of the Web. Virtually everyone on the planet is probably on it, including you. On the Web, you can get your entertainment for free; you can find out valuable information for school, for work, and for just about anything in life; you can communicate with loved ones, meet new people, and reach out to long lost friends without leaving your home — the Web is one powerful tool, isn’t it?

So it only makes sense for you to use it to build and grow your business. If you have an idea, the World Wide Web will allow you to take that idea from the drawing board to reality, and from reality to success. But in addition to the fact that virtually everyone (consumers) is on the Web, why should you invest in online strategies for business development?

Your competitors will be doing the same.

Web marketing has increasingly become big business, primarily because companies and other entities are getting lucrative results, sometimes for a fraction of the cost it usually takes with traditional media. Consider the statistics:

  • Almost 50 percent of companies have some type of content marketing strategy.
  • Some $315 billion will be spent on new digital marketing collateral.
  • Social media marketing budgets will double in the next five years.
  • Internet advertising will eat up 25 percent of whole ad market in the next few years.

You can increase your market share by building your business online.

Whether you own a small local store or have an international business, you will get more customers through effective online marketing strategies. Here are the numbers to prove it:

  • Businesses that increase blogging from three to five times a month to six to eight times every month nearly double their leads.
  • B2B companies that blog generate 67 percent more leads than businesses that do not.
  • In the last year, 52 percent of marketers have found a customer through Facebook, 43 percent found theirs through LinkedIn.
  • The average return on email marketing investment is $44.25 for every dollar you spend.
  • Shoppers who get email marketing spend 83 percent more when they buy; they also order 44 percent larger, and order 28 percent more.

Your brand will get more recall through online marketing.

With so much information and so much imagery being presented to consumers, on any given day, you wonder how your brand will be able to “stick” to your consumers’ minds. With online marketing strategies, you get cost-effective opportunities to use multimedia to deliver your message — and your consumers will retain that information. Here’s why:

  • 65 percent of consumers are visual learners.
  • Visual information, versus text, is processed 60,000 times faster by your brain.
  • Consumers retain 58 percent of what see, only 10 percent of what they read.
  • Videos will keep your consumers on your website two minutes longer.
  • A consumer who watches a video about a product is 144 percent more likely to buy it than a consumer who doesn’t watch a video.

So the question should be, why not invest in developing your business online? Contact us today!

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Social Media Marketing Tips For Start-Ups

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, you cannot afford to make do with just a mediocre marketing strategy. In every industry and every genre, numerous brands are vying for the attention of their target audience through the online platform. Therefore, it is crucial that your online presence is strong, solid, and sustainable to last for the long term, and it all depends on the power and influence of your marketing efforts.

But while using social media for marketing has made things a little bit easier and faster, note that it will still require a significant amount of your time and effort and the right strategy before you can see measurable results. Those wanting to make the most of online marketing possibilities should carefully consider these following social media marketing tips for start-ups:

Tip 1: Invest in high-value, made-just-for-you content.

Nothing can increase your visibility as well as enhance your credibility online more than publishing relevant content that provides information, triggers discussions within your community, and establishes you as an expert in the field.

Tip 2: Don’t blindly reach out.

More isn’t necessarily merrier in the case of marketing. To see results and ensure the return of your marketing investments, it’s best to zoom in and target a specific customer profile rather than using your limited resources to randomly reach out to everyone all the time. Identify your ideal customer, take time to know them better and deliver your message according to their convenience and preference to get positive response.

Tip 3: Use multimedia and cross-platform channels.

Make sure every blog post is accompanied by a high-quality image. Don’t underestimate the power of video to not just share information but most importantly to also create emotional connections. Produce infographics. Think up ways to make your social media activities go beyond online: Team up with offline shops and join events. Executed well, these can provide significant exposure for your business. Deliver your best content in the most attractive and dynamic forms.

Tip 4: Test, test, test.

Start-ups have to work with a limited pool of labour, budget and resources, so it’s important to make sure the money you spend will be worth it. You need to know that every effort you exert will work, and you need to measure the results to prove it. Test your campaigns to determine what works and to ensure you are always going for consistent, continuous improvement.

Social media marketing provided an avenue for businesses to connect with their customers in a more personal, more direct and therefore more meaningful manner than ever before. Through sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn, you can build connections, grow your community base, enhance brand awareness and establish your authority and credibility through content and conversations that will be valuable for your target audience.

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Tools for Pulling Demographic Intel from Your Social Media Followers

Do you know who’s following you? Socially, of course. Well, you ought to! Many of us have a huge number of fans and followers, and yet for the life of us can’t figure out where they go when you send out a Tweet, update or post. Are they real, or are you not offering them what they are looking for from you? Any kind of marketing depends on ensuring that you’re matching message to market, and your social media is not any different. You just have to have an understanding of whom you are speaking with and what interests them.

tools for pulling demographic intel

How do you measure social media demographics?

The usual tools to discern the demographics of your audience (Compete, Quantcast, etc) aren’t quite up to the task yet of measuring the critical data that makes up your social audience. Thankfully, for all of us, many new tools are sprouting up as we speak to assist us to gauge the likes, dislikes and trends of our followers and fans.

Three of our favorite new tools!

Here are three we like right out of the gate.

DemographicsPro Known not long ago as KnowYourFollowers, this tool breaks down your Twitter followers into oodles of info, including country, state, gender, interests, other people followed, their jobs and more. This is provided in both a numerical and percentage format, offering you the best chance to target your followers.

Birdsong – A social intelligence tool, Birdsong delivers on-demand analysis and insight as to what brands are talking about on their social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook and others. Knowing how your competition is targeting their social media is very valuable information that can give you direction for your campaigns also.

SoDash An incredibly unique and useful tool SoDash combines the act of listening to social media into actual lead generation, customer service, brand management and competition monitoring.

Having a specific idea of who your market is will provide you ideas how to reach them better. Contact us today and let us help you with your business.

Are You Monitoring Your Social Media Channels?

Social media happens in the wink of an eye. Word travels so quickly that you may go to bed feeling wonderful and awaken to a firestorm. This can be definitely more apt to be true if you aren’t in the practice of regularly monitoring your social media channels. Keeping track of the conversations about you and/or your brand online can be far more than a reputation management best practice. Attention given to those in search of information early in the sales process could lead to a significant increase in conversions. Primarily, however, this is about creating a firewall between trouble and you. Heading the bad news off at the pass is the objective here, and there are a handful of quite simple ways to manage this, which of course is everyone’s fear. It doesn’t need to take all day, as shown in this HubSpot article.

Monitoring your social media channels

How to keep track your social media conversations

  • Social media monitoring tools like TweetDeck or HootSuite are invaluable on the subject of saving time, and viewing most if not all of your social media in one place. They are simple to use, have free versions, and can make it easy to get in the habit of checking on your social media daily.
  • Google Reader and Google Alerts have been very useful tools to marketers who were focused on monitoring the buzz around their products or brands. Nonetheless, recently Google has decided to end Reader, and Alerts seems to be broken. Many are wondering how to find a useable alternative. Here are a couple you might look into: NewsBlur, AOL Reader, or Flipboard for mobile. For Google Alerts try TalkWalker or Social Mention.
  • Make sure you check your blogs, social networks, videos, and your Facebook pages for questions or concerns. Answering and dealing with these at the early stages will help you avoid trouble and also lead to greater sales and conversions.

Monitoring your social media world doesn’t need to take hours or anything special other than diligence. The key is getting and staying organized, and making use of the tools out there to make this task less burdensome. The rewards far outweigh the trouble!

Need experts to handle your social media marketing campaign? Call us today!

How to Use Humor to Connect with Your Audience

The great 19th Century Irish playwright and humorist Oscar Wilde uttered these last words: “Either this wallpaper goes, or I do.” Why some enterprising wallpaper company hasn’t used this is beyond me, however it does go to underscore the reality that humor sells. Humor effectively disarms people, often by getting them to see your point in a way they hadn’t considered before, and initiates a connection where you may have had a tough time creating some with your latest PowerPoint filed with facts. Art Linkletter told us that laughter is the best medicine, and he was spot on. It might be the cure for what ails your company as well! Let’s consider 4 ways to use humor in your small business marketing.

how-to-use-humor-to-connect-to audience

4 great ways to use humor in your marketing!

Use pop culture to your advantage – Jon Stewart and the rest of the late night crowd have made careers around this, so don’t be scared to use current events to spice up you offerings. It’s not necessary to be completely relevant to your product or service, (but the ones that tie it in well are rock stars!) but merely to get your reader/watcher smiling and in a good frame of mind from the start. Showing events in a humorous way can get your content shared faster than Lindsay Lohan skipping rehab.

Make a funny video – Portraying your products or services in a humorous light can get people anticipating your videos wondering what you will do next. Making these doesn’t really need to be a major production either, as many shoot them on their smartphones, which is by far enough camera. Another good tactic here is to use animated videos with services like GoAnimate or Xtranormal easy to use apps to make your videos quickly.

Create funny memes – Who hasn’t encountered these on Facebook and other social sites? Incorporating this idea with the millions of users on sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr is a recipe for ridiculous traffic numbers.

Use humor in your content – Don’t be timid with respect to getting a little edgy with your content. The payoff will be that people will see you as more like they are, and not simply some stodgy firm bent on selling them a product. The more you connect on a shared (and funny!) level, the better people will like you and share your site.

Ways to Use Instagram in Your Marketing You Probably Hadn’t Thought Of!

Ways to Use Instagram in Your Marketing You Probably Hadn’t Thought Of!

We’ve all noticed as Instagram is the latest web property to soar to stratospheric heights, and with their acquisition by Facebook, it appears as if that’s not likely to slow anytime soon. What’s been fascinating to note however is how innovative marketers have started to use the platform in ways you might not have imagined.

Let’s hear it for Kuwaiti ingenuity!

As reported by, many enterprising Kuwaitis are using Instagram to sell almost anything you can think of. Some examples include makeup services, Manga, fashion items and sheep. Yes, that’s right, sheep. While you may find that selling sheep over Instagram might not work as well in the U.S., you’ve got to give these herdsmen a lot of credit for finding and adapting this wildly popular platform for use in their local economy. They just find list their wares they wish to sell, attach a price to it, and wait for responses to their smartphone. Since there is no payment processing as yet on Instagram, all of these transactions occur in another fashion, but that’s hardly stopping anyone.

What are the takeaways here for us?

The key lesson to learn here is that there is always opportunity for those willing to think outside the box and explore the possibilities. You may not be inclined to sell directly off of Instagram, but some marketers already are using it to direct to CPA offers, send people to squeeze pages for list building and more. With a base so large and growing daily, Instagram delivers a unique opportunity to connect with people who are interested, (at least in the images you uploaded) and it’s your job to find a way to connect the dots in your marketing efforts. Let your imagination go a little wild!

You might want to get into it now, however, as given that this is now a Facebook property, it’s very likely change will be a part of its future, so strike now!

Instagram marketing is just one of the many ways to engage your target market online. Contact us today and we’ll help you with the type of marketing campaign that suits you best.