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Employing A Link Building Service: Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Link Builder

The rules are always changing — this is what you have to remember when it comes to marketing your business online. With constant algorithm updates and multiple species of animals that you need to recall (from Panda to Penguin to Hummingbird), it will be difficult to create effective Web marketing campaigns, particularly when you’re using link building as one of the strategies.

But to make sure you’re hiring the right kind of specialist, you need to ask them several key questions. These questions will determine their level of skill and training and their knowledge and grasp of the process. Here are some questions to start with; you can use these to build further questions relevant to your business and your goals.

  1. “How are algorithm changes going to affect link building strategies?”

Even though you already know, it pays to ask your link building specialist if they know more than you do. Otherwise, if you have more information, why outsource the process?

Asking about algorithm changes will also reveal whether the link builder is up to date on new rules or policies that could impact tactics applied for your campaign.

  1. “What sort of links work with search results?”

This question will also tell you the level of knowledge and link development techniques your link builder will have. This will also give you an idea of what the specialist can do to make your link building campaign a success. This is a good question to know if the link builder that you will be hiring will resort to blackhat, whitehat, or a bit of both.

  1. “Would you know what strategies or practices work best against my competitors?”

Your link builder should have done their homework before meeting with you. An awareness and understanding of your competitors and best practices will indicate knowledge that should give your business an edge.

  1. “What kind of report will I be getting once I do hire you?”

Reports tell you of the link building service’s progress. But while essential, they can also be exhausting to go through so you may find yourself leaving them unread. The worst reports may also confuse you, prompting you to make persistent queries with the link builder.

You may email or call to ask, “What does this graph mean?”, “I see an increase in links this month, but why am I not getting results with my traffic?”, and “Could you explain this spreadsheet of URLs?”

  1. “Will you be able to provide me with a monthly report on referral traffic from the links you’ve built and the links classified accordingly (from organic to paid)?”

The increase in links isn’t going to be much help if you have no idea where these links are coming from and what sort of value they hold for your goals and your business. So instead, ask your link builder to send reports you can use.

Anyone who has ever done link building knows exactly how tedious and tough it can be to accomplish. Between running your business and working on increasing clients, it only makes sense for you to hire a link building service instead of doing it on your own or having someone on your staff do it for the company. With a link building firm, you get expertise and commitment from the link builders.

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Recovering From Google Penguin Update 3.0

Google rolls out algorithm updates from time to time as their method of cleaning up the Web. They do it to weed out spam, malicious links and low-quality content from the Internet. Google webmasters say it’s important for them to regularly do these updates and refreshes to ensure repeat offenders are penalised and to watch out for newer forms of manipulative SEO tactics.

The most recent Google algorithm update was Penguin 3.0. It was the sixth Google Penguin update, and one thing to know about Penguin updates is that they act similar to an accounting and audit process: Every update and refresh aims to discount spammy links while making sure to count high-quality links, and factor all these in your search rankings.

Penguin 3.0 is technically a refresh rather than an update because it used the same system of measurement as the last update. Whether you were affected by the roll out or not, the following are some lessons to learn from this latest Penguin arrival.

Always keep an eye out for industry developments. An update or a refresh is usually a chance for you to recover from a previous penalty or notice. That’s why it’s necessary to always be in the know about updates so you can plan your next moves that will help you recover or improve your search engine results.

Never use manipulative tactics. The action steps you need to take when recovering from Google’s Penguin Update 3.0 is basically the same as the ones recommended for recovering from earlier Penguin penalties. You need to take a hard, long look under your website’s hood and check and eliminate all bad link profiles that might look suspicious to Google. You need to stop using optimisation tactics that Google frowns upon, including flooding the Internet with forum and comment spam and keyword stuffing and over-optimisation.

Work only with trusted experts. Sometimes, even the most well-intentioned companies wanting to use only good, ethical SEO may be committing optimisation mistakes without knowing it. It takes an experienced, highly skilled technical team to review and assess your website and apply the right strategies for you to win Google’s good side.

Consistently churn out high-quality content. It can be confusing to be always looking out for every move that Google makes. While it pays to be vigilant and in the know about algorithm changes and other technicalities, in the end there’s one action step that you can always count on, and that is to keep your website rich with high-quality, valuable and fresh content that your audience will appreciate and keep quality traffic coming to your website for the long term.

The primary goal of Google updates is to offer a more relevant, meaningful and pleasant search experience for all. If you got hit by the recent and the previous Penguins updates, maybe it’s about time to change how you optimise your website.

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