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 Introduce Online Reputation Management, Then Market It

If you rely on the internet for the sales of products or services your reputation is crucial to your success. Hiding behind a monitor customers now have no hesitation of leaving bad feedback and reviews unlike they did ten years ago.

In addition to this those negative reviews can be seen by the entire world, gone are the days when you’d receive a phone call or letter in the post that you could simply ignore.

Make Sure Your Reputation Attracts Attention For All the Right Reasons

The internet also gives every person the information they need to make a decision, with so much competition out there is they find a negative mark against your business, they’ll just go elsewhere.

The Statistics Don’t Lie – Here are the facts:

  • 68% of women read reviews before buying
  • 66% of men read reviews before buying
  • 72% trust online reviews
  • 82% will buy based on positive reviews
  • 37% won’t buy if they see a negative review

Online reputation management is no longer an option it’s essential to building your business and driving your business growth. We can make sure that even negative feedback works in your favour or disappears altogether.

We want you to have an online reputation that encourages those 82% of people to buy and we’ll make sure we achieve it using our expert skills online.

Whether you’ve received bad reviews or you’d simply like to boost your reputation for quality and customer service we can make it happen.

In our Online Reputation Management Package you’ll receive:

  • A five star reputation
  • Masking or Absolving of negative reviews
  • A reputation you want to shout about
  • Attention for the right reasons
  • Maintenance and online reputation management so you’re never hit with the unexpected again.

Contact us now or buy our package and say goodbye to those negative reviews today!


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