July 15, 2013

As a marketing approach deeply entrenched within a fast-growing technology, we’re seeing that new tools are constantly coming around to help us either improve, keep up with, or use these new gadgets. Here are 3 new tools we’ve discovered that make a difference!


Red Stamp – Red Stamp characterizes themselves as being your modern-day social secretary. And they couldn’t be more correct! Red Stamp is a free Apple app enabling users to send wonderfully customized electronic and printed cards or notes in the blink of an eye. With lots of templates from which to choose, you are never unable when it comes to finding the perfect design or messaging to send out. Red Stamp integrates together with your contacts, and remembers your name and address. The coolest part is though, is that the cards sent via email, text or Facebook and Twitter are free! If you wish to send a printed card, it is physically mailed to the address of your choice for only $1.99 each. That’s good, because I can’t ever remember what I did with my stamps. Red Stamp is indeed a time saver!

Swipely – Essentially an online payments site, Swipely has branched out to incorporate a mobile loyalty program. Gone are the days of customers fumbling through their purse or wallet, trying to find that tiny loyalty card to the establishment they’re visiting. Swipely makes it simple with a text to join application allowing users to join with one easy text message. This type of program is invaluable for restaurants and retailers who are seeking ways to keep and win new customers. Mobile loyalty programs such as these are also great for list building, which can also expand your business. Swipely’s mobile loyalty program is free for existing customers.

TextUs.biz – More and more people prefer to text rather than talk (roughly 32 percent) TextUs.biz found a way to fill a very real need for an affordable price. TextUs.biz is an app that enables businesses to send and receive texts from customers via their computer, phone or iPad, everything from simple reminders to promotional sales messages. Your end users don’t even need to download the app! TextUs.biz is completely free for the first 100 messages, and is very affordable afterward, even if you find yourself sending oodles of texts!

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