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If you can engage your customers, you can sell them your products or services. Engagement is the key to building trust with your target market, giving your brand a personality and giving you the potential of a viral reach of millions.

Social media marketing is the ideal way to connect with your customers and with 88% of shoppers preferring to connect through Facebook and Twitter, rather than email, it’s a marketing area that shouldn’t be ignored.

Get the conversation going & keep them coming back for more

If you can start conversations, keep them going and leave others wanting more you can enjoy unlimited boosts to your business. There are a lot of areas to consider when creating successful social media campaigns and they should all come together to deliver a brilliant effective service that delivers real results.

For instance when starting a campaign you should consider:

  • Which Platform is Right for You – For instance if you’re a financial advisor you’re not allowed to openly advertise so Facebook may not be the best option, LinkedIn however ensures you connect with those who need your services
  • The Voice of Your Business – Are you serious, quirky, funny, clean, cheeky, passionate, hyperactive, geeky, cool or boring (we don’t recommend the last one).
  • Time Management – To benefit from social media you need to manage it in real time so you can engage customers while they’re still online. It can become a full time job but it’s worth it.
  • Building Likes/Followers/Connections – These are the currencies of social media and you need to increase them regularly. Will you use competitions/giveaways or rely on great content?
  • Going Viral – This is the dream of every business, your content is shared, then shared again and suddenly you’re viral. Is your content worthy of sharing?

These are just a few aspects to consider when starting a social media marketing campaign, luckily our transparently priced Engage Package takes care of all of this and more.

With the ENGAGE Social Media Marketing package you’ll receive:

  • Content your customers want to read
  • Updates worthy of sharing
  • Consistent streams of updates and tweets to keep you in the picture
  • News and blogs related to your industry
  • Very active social media accounts that attract and engage your customers 24/7
  • Content that starts the conversation and keeps it going

Across all social media accounts you’ll develop a real presence on the web as well as raising your reputation as the best.

We’ll also give you the tools to manage it effectively allowing you to enjoy the results today, tomorrow and well into the future.

If your social media accounts aren’t reaching their potential contact us or buy our social media marketing package now and start enjoying the extra attention from today!

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