Protect Your Online Reputation in 5 Simple Steps

We live in a world where communication is almost instant, word travels extremely fast, and if you’re not watchful your online reputation can be trashed in nanoseconds. Many aren’t cognisant how vital it is to safeguard your online reputation. Cone Communications reports that some 89 percent of consumers regard online channels are trustworthy sources, and […]

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Daily Deal Sites – Do They Work?

You’d believe from all the hate that’s been written about daily deal sites, and the way they are now all history as an effective way to market your small business, we wouldn’t like them either. You’d be wrong. There’s quite a bit that goes into making daily deal sites work for your local business, and […]

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Spring Cleaning Applies to Websites, Too!

Just like your home, your small business website also needs a yearly spring-cleaning. It’s easy to let things slide, and the consequence of that would be a steady decline in traffic, reputation and consequently sales. This can be a rather insidious way for you to lose traction with your site, as you don’t necessarily see […]

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